Fun Dot-To-Dot Pictures For Kids

Kids love to color and do dot-to-dots and trace images. When my daughter is at home from daycare sick or something, she enjoys coloring and dot-to-dots. Great inexpensive way of amusing your kids and at the same time, allow them to build on skills they need for school activities. I found some great dot-t0-dots below.

The above butterfly dot-to-dot is from They have fun to color activities for kids. visit them at

The above bunny dot-to-dot is from Visit their site at Another great one for kids activities.

The above Pooh dot-to-dot is from They also have more fun coloring pages and activities at

Go to Fun For Kids Dot To Dots page to get more.


Mr. Corndawg said...

You have many good references on this site! Very helpful. I write about camp counseling and childcare on my blog. Exchange? Email me at

Eliza said...

THis is great!!! How many free activities do you have?

Beautifulblogging said...

Good one.

jaruwan said...

When i was young,i like this pic.

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